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The quake was 22 times more powerful, in terms of energy released, than Thursday's shock, according to the USGS website's "Magnitude Difference Calculator." The region's transport network suffered considerable damage with one tunnel caved in, a highway bridge damaged, roads blocked by landslips and train services halted.

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"It's swaying here every hour." What caused foam to appear in the center of an earthquake ravaged city in Japan?

The citizens reported what felt like continuous shaking, which indicates the land along the fault line there was still moving, adjusting.

unexplained carpet of foamy bubbles filled streets in the centre of the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka shortly after tremors from a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.3 shook the town.

theory that a tremor may have caused an underground water pipe to burst.

Desperate attempts by the establishment to explain the Earth changes, such as an Earth wobble caused by melting ice in the Arctic, will fail to convince those among the populace who have eyes to see, as the Nibiru complex has also become increasingly visible in the skies.