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It drives me crazy when he grabs me violently and spanks me agressively for being naughty. I love being spanked even if I've done nothing wrong, I want to be Daddy's little ****.(: I want daddy to come home from work to the hot meal that his little girl cooked for him... Then once daddy is seated, I want to suck his **** while he enjoys the dinner I made for him and hear him say what a good little girl I am. I love sucking it,licking it,begging for it, and being slapped.

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It is all about guiding the little in life and how to live it responsibly while allowing them to feel safe and to let out that inner child inside of them that has been dying to escape..

Here we provide a safe and secure environment to find Daddy Doms/Mommies and babygirls/babyboys/littles, chatrooms, date, share photo and video.

Lastly, I am a working college student, so much of the time, I might be unavailable. I am only good for servicing and pleasuring them in any way they wants to use my body.

Also, like I said, I'm very inexperienced, so I might be shy at first. My Daddi would need to be patient cuz I don't know much, but I really wanna make him happy. I am seeking my Daddy and my Uncle to use me for 24/7 LTR. Both Daddy and Uncle should be experts in psychological grooming and verbal affirmations and manipulations so they can thoroughly use me.

I love receiving sweet and naughty messages at all hours especially to wake up to. I want a daddy who is not afraid to spank me for no reason other than he wants to. I love being slapped with it and I love licking it. Dangling it in front of my face and when i go to suck it you pull it away and slap me with it.