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I was madly in love with a "best friend", and he did not even think to take me seriously. Then, maybe, meet, and you can tell how badly missed?

He was older and married a long time, and I was hoping that someday he will be my first man. - Simple and carefree asked my first love at the other end. At this point, I presented pretty smile of a man who always feels like a winner.

Socrates likened pleasure-seekers to the damned in Hell, who are condemned for ever to keep trying to fill leaky jars.

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Julius Ceasar 'merely enjoyed luxury and sex' Desire is there to make us behave in ways that could be in our longer-term interests, regardless of whether they give us immediate pleasure.

In some cases, indeed, it goads us into doing things that make us , such as chasing after money or fame.

As far as the puritans of later ages were concerned, though, imperial Rome epitomised the worst kind of decadence and deserved to collapse under the weight of its own sin.

Yet in some regards, those emperors were simply taking to extremes the same pursuit of pleasure that has always motivated our species - and still drives us today.

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