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Download Three's Returns & Exchange Policy PDF We always hope you’re happy with your new purchase but just in case you’re not, we’ve set out below when you can return or exchange it.This will depend on where you bought it, and if you purchased directly from Three or another retailer.

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In addition to these All-you-can-eat UK allowances, you also get 5,000 text units and 3,000 voice units to use respectively each month, when in a Feel At Home destination, which convert respectively into 5,000 text messages back to the UK and 3,000 minutes of calls to UK landline and mobile numbers. UK data use for the music service is currently included in the contract price for the minimum term.

When you’re abroad in a Feel At Home destination, texts and calls to places other than the UK are chargeable – you’ll sent a text message on arrival in your destination, letting you know what these charges will be. may provide or enable additional services such as the app store, the ability to twin dial to other devices or offer internet enabled roaming services (the last of these being in addition to Three’s standard services).

We know that some people think that our network sucks and we’ve worked hard to improve it.

In fact we’ve been rated best network for the internet on smartphones. We will continue to improve and our network will get even better.

The Euro Internet Pass is a Daily Add-on, which is available for purchase by Pay Monthly (including SIM Only) Customers only.