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Obviously, abstaining from masturbation is the more difficult of the two tasks, however, with a little will power I managed to pull off a week of no ejaculating here and there, enough to make some general observations about my behavior as it relates to the dating world.The first noticeable observation when abstaining from masturbation was that I was definitely more horny. However, I believe that having that feeling of pent up sexual tension helped me to approach and talk to more women, as well as be more sexual around them.

Also, it helps to charge the male libido and sex drive.

So what’s testosterone have to do with masturbation?

Testosterone is produced in the testicles and when you ejaculate you are releasing or using up some of that testosterone.

This is fine when you are having intercourse with your desired partner, that is the whole point after all, but not fine when a chronic masturbation habit is leaving you drained of testosterone and limiting you from your true sexual potential.

The same is true of sex, as human beings we are hard wired to procreate.