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My mom said, “You’re moving to Chicago with him and you aren’t dating?

I guess it’s a liberal thing…” and she wrote it off as me being spontaneous and “artsy.”After I finished school, I spent a month abroad and finally realized we were in love. For a few months after our move to Chicago, being in love still felt odd.

His honesty, almost immediately, let me know that he wasn’t looking for anything serious and that he was happy being just friends with benefits.

In short, these things happened, but not in the way that I expected them to.

I broke things off with my ex, drove back to campus, and headed to the art building for a class assignment.

We fit well together in those two respects and at the time we didn’t see, or didn’t choose to see, how well we fit together everywhere else.

We were graduating college and he wanted me to be his live-in fuck buddy.

Unlike traditional relationships, we left the “get to know each other” bullshit aside and bantered, fucked, and empowered one another. We, my casual sex partner and I, would discuss this sometimes throughout our time together.