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Telling Ghosts The more you take, the more you need The more you suck, the more you bleed The dead know better, so listen to the letter The more you suck, the more you bleed Echoes and specters and ghosts of none the wiser Apparitions…RAM Enterprise is your single-source provider for the highest quality products for the mining, aggregate, chemical, power generation and industrial markets.

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Psalm 10:4, NIV “Resolution One: I will live for God.

Resolution Two: if no one else does, I still will.” Jonathan Edwards, Puritan.

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Eden Hope Academy Campuses TEXAS FORT HOOD, TEXAS Leader: Heather West Email: [email protected] is launching an Eden Hope Fort Hood campus in September, 2016. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Leader: Stephanie Sinclair Email: [email protected] Sinclair is launching one and maybe two Eden Hope San Antonio campuses […] Read More We take about a mile walk each morning before starting school.