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Each box displayed a message for anyone with the intention of suicide, encouraging them to seek counselling from close friends.

None of these trials addressed the knock-on effect on other forms of self-poisoning such as the ingestion of the widely available poisonous seeds from the yellow oleander tree – a factor associated with many sucides., thereby highlighting means substitution due to the lack of attention given to the proximal determinants of suicidal behaviour.

Risks and Determinants of Suicidal Behaviour HICs generally tend to have suicide rates directly linked to the increasing prevalence of mental illnesses with age, peaking in the middle aged and elderly.

Since the 1970s Sri Lanka has endured extremely high suicide rates, peaking in the 1995 where it had one of the highest suicide rates in the world, 47/100,000.

This essay will focus on contributory factors associated with suicide in Sri Lanka, exploring the suicide mortality control mechanisms, psychosocial determinants and investigating mental health policy and possible approaches of delivering primary care.

The government faced a youth rebellion from the People’s Liberation Front aka JVP.