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Catfish like to spawn in holes or recesses around the bank, using a good sonar you can troll the banks and find good spawning areas to place jug lines.

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The lines were hard to wrap up and store in a way that would not get tangled and changing the depth of your jug lines was a true pain in the butt.

I also had to battle the fact that using jugs for jug fishing took up a lot of boat space, 15 or 20 jugs in a small boat can become quite a mess.

It took some time to figure out the best way to make the jug line adjustable but after several attempts at more complicated designs and on-the-water testing, the line spool design that we sell today is what worked the best.

To be successful at Jug Fishing you have to put some thought into your sets.

I guess this is what inspired me to develop something better and so the Ultimate Fishing Noodle was born.