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I turned on my lamp placing my homework on it, starting to read and do the equations until my mother begin hitting on my door yelling and screaming.“WHAT!

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Name: Dyras "Kitsune" Hunyara Age: 17Race.: half human/half demon Family: cousin-Hiei Looks: Pic is up above Powers: control the elements, powers of command, and queen of illusions Junior High or High School: High School Personality: aggressive, lonely, creative, intelligent, crazy, independent, easily annoyed.

” He asked curiously.“If possible yes.” I replied, just as his cell phone went off.“Yes mother, I will be there soon.

Oh mother I have a friend coming over do you mind if she stays with us? We walked in hearing yelling and screaming, I knew who that was when the same nurse walked out looking at me.“She wont let us near her to take the bullet out, maybe you should calm her down?

” I screamed pulling my bruised up wrist from his grip, even though the pain began to hurt once again.“Dyras ‘Kitsune’ Hunyara.” He hissed with a death glare, I just finished my sandwich walking away.“I’m leaving see to it that you find a way out.” I said rudely, he growled really angry now as I closed the exit door on the roof top.[After school on the way home]I walked to the park just to pass some time, it was another day that mother would be drunk and awake.‘Why does she despise me, I take care and watch over her why does she hate me’ I thought then slapped the water before me out of anger.