Are gaz and charlotte from geordie shore dating

She's happy, I'm happy."Oh God, that's tough, isn't it?Gary also admitted that he would like to be on speaking terms with Charlotte again in the future, but added: "At the minute it's just best that we do our own thing and keep it at that because it just gets confusing and things get dragged back up. But I haven't got a bad word to say about her."Of course, Gary wasn't the only one to miss Charlotte this series as her bestie Holly Hagan was left without her partner in crime."Obviously me and Charlotte have always been in it together from day one, and it was difficult without her," she told us.Charlotte told an Australian radio station, “I would definitely swipe yes for Scott, because I think Scott’s really good looking!

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Gaz made a move on Charlotte on the very first group night out, persuading Charlotte to leave the others behind and hit the hot tub with him. Gaz then predicted that he and Char would sleep togther again. They've both been posting a LOT of Instagram snaps with one another recently, and it looked like they were back on.

However, while the pair ended up sharing a bed, nothing (of note) happened that evening. But then it was announced Gaz is going to be on Ex On The Beach (again), and Char was a tad upset.

"It's the little things."Obviously everyone missed her, but it was weird for me because it's five years and she's always been there.

It was hard but I think again it's the end of a chapter for me and her.

Any Geordie fan will know that these two can’t actually remain friends- spooning always leads to forking!

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