Avan and liz dating

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Avan and liz dating

Underneath the cool cloud of iris, a spicy spark of pink pepper and nutmeg ignites a steady glow of the smoothest dry vanilla - wrapping you in a warm, golden embrace.

This vanilla is not at all syrupy, nor too sweet - it is gorgeously rounded.

A confusing throwback snap he posted on Insta yesterday shows Tori (played by Victoria Justice) leaning down and kissing Beck — all while Beck is lying in the lap of his girlfriend, Jade (Liz Gillies). We all know there was a love triangle between Beck, Tori and Jade throughout the series, but at no point would Jade have let Beck kiss Tori in front of her like that. Adding to the mystery was that no one among the thousands of stans who commented on the pic could figure out which episode had this odd moment.

With no answer in sight, some fans became convinced the image was Photoshopped.

The main notes are: pink pimento, mandarin, bitter orange and neroli.