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In particular Julie Fradette (Bishop's Webmistress) and Bruno Lacasse (ITS Director at the time) have been very helpful and forthcoming in the process of converting the Bishop's Web template into a Dokuwiki template for our departmental site (and thus indirectly for this site).Dokuwiki is a light-weight wiki system which is in particular easy to set up and configure and relatively easy to customize.

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"[I]f the timing of options grants is an arm's length process, and companies have [not] systematically taken advantage of their ability to backdate options within the [twenty] day windows that the law provided prior to the implementation of Sarbanes Oxley in 2002, there shouldn't be any difference between the two measures." Merrill Lynch failed to take a position on whether Maxim actually backdated; however, it noted that if backdating did not occur, management of Maxim was remarkably effective at timing options pricing events.

With regard to Maxim, Merrill Lynch found that the twenty-day return on option grants to management averaged 14% over the five-year period, an annualized return of 243%, or almost ten times higher than the 29% annualized market returns in the same period.

Under the terms of these plans, Maxim contracted and represented that the exercise price of all stock options granted would be no less than the fair market value of the company's common stock, measured by the publicly traded closing price for Maxim stock on the date of the grant.

Additionally, the plan identified the board or a committee designated by the board as administrators of its terms. Ryan alleges that nine specific grants were backdated between 19, as these grants seem too fortuitously timed to be explained as simple coincidence.

After the article appeared in the Journal, Merrill Lynch issued a report demonstrating that officers of numerous companies, including Maxim Integrated Products, Inc., [p346] had benefited from so many fortuitously timed stock option grants that backdating seemed the only logical explanation. Individual defendants move to stay this action in favor of earlier filed federal actions in California ("federal actions").