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Many men get into bodybuilding to develop their dream physique.

They have an idea in their head as to what they should look like, and dammit, they’ll do anything to make that dream a reality.

A woman has needs, and often times those needs are time-sucking sh! We’re talking about boring ass trips to stores that sell overpriced candles, brunch with non-lifting “friends,” and dates that require one to sip gain-sapping wine while painting ugly trees with a bunch of other miserable couples.

This is fine for the single man, but when one is in a relationship, it’s hard to find a partner who is willing to put up with coming in second to the gym.

And you better believe, if your woman is always coming in second, eventually you won’t be coming at all.

spoke with some of the competitors as they got ready.

Laurie "Freak Diesel" Green, 32 How did you get into competitive fitness?

Not to knock being skinny — I was actually skinny-fat.