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It is important to enjoy the companionship and remain relaxed in a romantic relationship.

Psychologists hold that romantic love emerges purely from a desire for self-gratification.

It is very difficult to restrict love because it is a second nature for all of us. All our problems and conflicts start at this point only. Maximum numbers of novels are based on romance only. However, many romances end as a failure because the initial infatuation covers up the negative traits.

Lust could be between human beings or you could even lust after money or other material objects.

When one is in lust, normally the thinking cap slips off and the results could be disastrous.

They feel that the illusions that lead to romantic love are very powerful emotions and have to be properly controlled.

On the other hand, lust is a somewhat dangerous one because mostly lust is an intense feeling.

What is Love at Love-Sessions All the beings in the world, mammals, birds, marine species, etc.