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He has been involved in numerous industry field studies and research grants for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Marcus Knight joined the MTSU Concrete Industry Management Faculty in the Fall semester of 2005. Phone | 615-494-7609 Office | Room 172, Voorhies Engineering Technology (VET) Mail | MTSU Box 19, Murfreesboro, TN 37132 Ph. S., University of Science and Technology of Chi (1992)B.

His current research includes pozzolanic materials and their effects on concrete properties and performance, and the use of microfiber treatment with fiber strand fibrillation in concrete. Huddleston lives in Woodbury Tennessee with his wife Britan, who is a third grade teacher at West Side Elementary, and their daughter, Madison. Marcus received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1995 and a Master of Science degree in 1998, both in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Technological University. S., University of Science and Technology of Chi (1989)Dr. in Civil Engineering from Purdue University in 2004, where his dissertation was titled “Assessing Cumulative Damage in Concrete and Quantifying its Influence on Life Cycle Performance of Concrete Structuresation. Yang has been a professor with the CIM Program at MTSU since 2005.

Following is a printable, suggested four-year schedule of courses: Concrete Industry Management, Production, Sales, and Service, B. E., University of Arkansas (1989) Phone | 615-904-8060 Mail | MTSU Box 24, Murfreesboro, TN 37132 Ph. She also consulted on construction materials projects for several associations, companies, and state institutions.

S., Academic Map General Education requirements (shown in curricular listings below) include courses in Communication, History, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences. She has authored and co-authored over a dozen papers and been published in Concrete International, ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Transportation Research Record, International Center for Aggregate Research Journal, American Chemical Society Journal and Tennessee Concrete.

Twelve (12) hours must be successfully completed in a single chosen cognate area prior to graduation.