Chiropractors and dating patients

Just like making changes to the spine, making changes to the body takes time.

The more I see you for your Sarasota massage treatments, the faster we’ll go, the more we’ll address, and each visit will build on the previous one.

A: Massage therapists are NOT trained to do spinal manipulation, nor are we allowed to. However, there are times that the spinal muscles will release their tension during treatment and a vertebrae will slide back into place without any force. My rates ($30/unit) are Q: Why can’t I just go to a franchise and pay $49 for a massage?

A: Franchises generally do not employ specialists and only expect their therapists to be able to provide a decent general relaxation or deep-tissue massage.

My husband (who I had just started dating) suggested I go see his chiropractor, and thank God I did. I highly recommend the services of a great chiropractic physician.

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