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has not hit cinemas yet (just one day to go as of writing) yet both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr have been openly discussing their futures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First up was Evans, who told he’d “consider” doing more films, but was equally happy to let another actor take over as Captain America.

"You know right away that when you bring Downey to the equation, the movie is going to, you know, it's going to have a certain level of awareness, it's going to have a certain level of charisma.

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He isn't doing too well and this would be a major way to boost his spirits and quite frankly be the best moment of his life if he literally got to meet his hero!

' Wish granted: The excited teen finally got to meet his hero, after Evans had earlier this month sent a personal video message of encouragement to his big fan that was played during a pep rally at Ryan's high school'I know you are fighting the good fight.

How is it for Captain America to wake up in the present day, where there is a dude in an iron suit flying about the place, where there’s another dude who grows into this giant green monster, so how does he acclimate to that, and not only that, but to work with these people and become a team with these people? That is one piece of the puzzle, just waking up and there just being the evolutions in technology and things like that, the fact that there are cellphones and the internet and computers and all of this – that’s one piece of the puzzle. Or do you think there will be stuff to save for the second movie?

That’s probably the one thing I have never got to do before. Isn’t there just too much that people will be expecting and wanting to see to fit into one two-hour movie?

But I think, again, what the creative team, and Joss and Mark, largely did, was bring something that feels new about it but is also much more like you remember it.