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In May 2008, they officially became an item before ending it exactly a year later. The actress dated her third man from the series in the shape of Austin Nichols.

In fact, they were first linked back in 2006 when Sophia's divorce to Chad was being finalized but nothing came of it.

Finally, they got together in November 2004 and by the time they were on One Tree Hill, they had already been together for five years.

Yet, while Sophia was off dating a slew of other One Tree Hill cast members, Chad Michael Murray wasn't sitting at home twiddling his thumbs either.

Actually, he also got together with someone involved with the show — an extra.

Yet, just when we thought they couldn't be be more perfect if they tried, these two broke up in November 2016.

OK, this one is not 100 percent confirmed but the details will still blow minds.

Although we've known for years that Emma Watson once harbored an immense crush on rival Slytherin Tom Felton, did you know that she once apparently dated Matthew Lewis?

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