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"Dating on Demand has been a phenomenon since we launched it nationally, with video profiles of participants viewed more than 34 million times.

"This is another example of how our cross-platform services like ON DEMAND and Ziddio create a unique, interactive entertainment experience customers can't find anywhere else." Dating on Demand's producers will review the user-submitted profiles and select viewers to go on dates with models in Los Angeles.

Videotaped highlights of selected dates will be featured on upcoming editions of Dating on Demand: On a Date, a TV show chronicling the first dates of Dating on Demand participants, and on

We want to create a versatile experience that you can control…

you can just keep scrolling and come back later.” There’s not really a lot of innovation going on these days, which means dating is starting to get stale (again. In an effort to solve these problems, however, Clover is launching something called “On-Demand Dating.” Building off of the app’s existing format, On-Demand Dating operates sort of like the high-tech version of a blind date: Instead of getting set up by your friends, you get set up by the app.

Clover first hit the scene back in April with the goal of combining the ease of Tinder with the (relative) transparency of OKCupid.