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It was a very real thrill not only to me but to my sister and her 10-year-old son. For days he trooped in with dozens of his buddies to see "his aunt who talked to Joan Crawford."Seriously, I am delighted at the chance of your doing the Queen Bee for as I said over the phone (and sincerely meant) you can do it magnificently. Crawford is not required to report to the set before 9 a.m. or Sundays or holidays except in cases of emergency.

In fact, thinking of you in the role convinces me that you are the only star who could give Eva the calculating, greedy, destructiveness, and at the same time preserve the illusive intangible "something" which won others over at first, convinced them she was lovely and "sweet.". Crawford's contract specifies that the studio will not use a "double" or a "dub" of Crawford except for foreign exhibition, when the corporation decides that a hazardous act might injure her, or to expeditiously meet censorship requirements.

She said she decided to adopt the child because the age difference between the twins and Christopher was too great. Joan is invited by the New American Library of New York to contribute a brief autobiography for their book Four Figures in the Amusement Field. Eddie Fisher and Tony Curtis later report that she made passes at them.

Also this year, Joan is voted "Favorite Actress" by Photoplay magazine.]January.

Crawford's name on all materials was to be in type at least as large as the title. Joan tells Christina over the phone that if she doesn't have a Christmas card list ready, then she's not coming home for Thanksgiving.