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Cook Leadership Academy Fellows Where Emerging Leaders Prepare to Build Our Future Welcome to the Cook Leadership Academy! Cook Leadership Academy is a leader development program for 60 undergraduate and graduate students during the academic year.

The program is co-curricular and cross-disciplinary — this year representing 52 different areas of study — and it provides numerous opportunities for student fellows to develop leadership excellence.

Crit Group 2017 is steered by an artist and curators/museum professionals Sterling Allen, Annette Di Meo Carlozzi, and Andrea Mellard.

Ideal for working artists who are career-oriented as well as conceptually and technically rigorous; artists committed to a studio (or post-studio) practice; artists who have attended (either in the recent or distant past), or soon plan to attend, an MFA program; artists new to Austin seeking community and/or a network of engaged peers; artists from varied media practices, including interdisciplinary and those with familiarity with more than one medium; artists stuck in a rut or exploring a period of artistic transition; artists willing and eager to accept critical feedback and gain insights into how others view their work.

Each applicant must meet the criteria of high academic achievement, active involvement in the campus community, dedication to the public good, a passion to lead, and a commitment to personal growth.