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They’ll even personalize the menu for you if you ask, or add any other little touches you might need. Warning: if you’re not already married your significant other might think you’re proposing, because it’s Just. Focused on fondue with a side of sexy, Geja’s Café isn't just a fondue place, it's a fondue place WITH AN ACOUSTIC FLAMENCO GUITAR. The ambiance is dark and stormy (like its lovely cocktail), with a speakeasy-esque, old Prohibition feel.

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Sit close, huddle together, then deem yourselves do-not-disturb.

When you come up for air, take a sip of the Mezcal Corpse Reviver, Boulvardier, or some deliciously sexy wine pours.

The a la carte and tasting menus are both top-notch, but the tasting menu might be the more economical choice. The thoughtful, dark, candle lit restaurant is super moody -- sort of a decadent romance situation.

Also cool: the bar and dining rooms give off different ambiances (which is nice). The more relaxed, dim, and inviting upstairs of Maude’s Liquor bar is the perfect hideaway for a pre-, post- or just-dinner date spot.

Come for lunch or drinks and lots of people watching.