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And here is where I encountered my first problem with the app.

Tastebuds, in an effort to help you compile the list of bands and artists you want to use to represent yourself, automatically selects every artist from your i Tunes library.

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I can’t be the only person with a few songs saved from yesteryear that, for whatever reason, don’t necessarily represent my tastes as they stand today.

Do I want to match with a bunch of Taylor Swift fans because my graduating class opted to sing one of her songs at our high school graduation? However, as there doesn’t seem to be an option to remove artists, T. Embarrassing i Tunes selections aside, it’s fairly easy to add artists to your profile.

In the next few weeks, the app is rolling out a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Spotify.

You'll be able to link your Spotify account with your Bumble profile so that anyone can easily see your favourite artists.

If you've ever used a dating app before, you're probably used to including a few standard details in your bio: travel interests, hometown, profession and music taste.