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The chimney was crafted of lighter-weight mica and the fount and top were still plated with nickel. There is also a small slot underneath the globe rest where one could insert a match to light the lantern. IL323 The IL323 Air-O-Lantern followed the AL319 in 1915, a year after the AL's release.

Despite all the upgrades, less than 13,000 were sold across Coleman and its Yale and Sunshine subsidiaries in the 1910s. It is roughly the same lantern, but it shunned the wood handle as a fire hazard.

It is a Quick-Lite lantern that has two mantles and a mica chimney and used to be nickel-plated, but a newbie took initiative to strip it down to its brass base.

LZ327 The LZ327 was produced between 19 and was one of Coleman's more unique offerings at the time.

L316 Arc Lantern The first lantern Coleman produced, the L316 Arc Lantern released in 1914, was the first of its kind.