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You must have a certain level of disposable assets accumulated..class was usually highly educated and regulars at the high end bar/clubs frequented by nba/nfl/celebrity types...

DC Locals: Natives who grew up here and happily play the ghetto fabulous role with no shame...

Of course, if you mention you make 0k a year too much to these women, you'll put off the women who want to act like they're above materialism, or who really are above materialism. Remember, lots of women turn into committed suburbanites when the kids hit preschool age.

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As for the reason, I will contribute it to the "loose" decisions many black females make as teenagers.

I would know from personal experience (not that I was complaining about it back then) but a lot of them end up paying for it eventually, or the "wears and tears" start showing as early as in their late teens/early 20s.

The thing that makes it worse is that: -A lot of the blacks are either very bitter at their circumstance and take it out on everyone else, even more successful blacks -A lot of the non-blacks are covertly racist to the core.

They may not say how they feel, but you can tell just from their faces -It's everyone-vs-blacks scenario, and unlike in some places like LA and NYC, wealth, status, and income can't buy you out of it So for the person who asked how is the interracial dating scene like for black men, I say either go to Northern Virginia or Montgomery Co, Maryland.

With that said, if you're a lawyer making $160,000, you should do just fine with dating transplant, college educated black women in DC, or women outside your race in No VA or Mo Co.