Dating sites bad idea

I’m 57, average looking, a bit plump, have a good job and laugh easily.

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Two new ones are my Lovely, started by a young digital entrepreneur who wants to help single people like his 60-something mum find their match, and, the brainchild of 50-something Charlotte Cory.'I didn’t want to meet anyone who was interested only in what I looked like, so I took the unusual step of not attaching a photograph.

It reduced the numbers who were interested in me, but I didn’t mind.

There are men who say they’re looking for a serious relationship, but when you chat online it becomes clear they don’t or they’ve already got a partner.

They’ll write anything women want to hear on their profile.’ She admits she found internet dating addictive.‘It’s exciting when you get an email in the morning that says you’ve had 20 views. Unfortunately, you then look at who’s shown interest and your heart sinks.

The way to look at it is that people online are being pro-active about finding a partner.