Dating well wisdom for single adults

One of my prior bishops said, `It’s just as hard for me to keep the law of chastity as it is for you'—except that my bishop gets to go home and sleep with his wife.” “Under the justified guise of ‘righteous desire’, one can easily remain in an adolescent state.

Since taking on adult responsibilities is hard, it’s easier for many of us to ride out our lives using the excuse of being single as a way to avoid the adult choices of career, education, social intimacy, financial responsibility, home ownership, etc.

I can’t tell you how many mid-single women I see who are still living with mom and dad, working an underemployed job, not taking care of themselves physically and waiting for that day when Mr.

Prince comes along to sweep them away and they can start their adult lives.” “We still get together and play board games and eat ice cream for social activities.

However, I believe in asserting choices in the sexual realm in line with our integrity--with what we really believe is right is the avenue for being at peace and whole.