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They seem to be written for women who don’t know how to date, have just reached puberty or have been living in a cave up until now.

The book itself is pretty useless, as it is nothing new to anybody.

Find out what they are and how you can greatly increase your chances of getting a call from him. I must say, that as someone highly experienced in the dating and relationship topic especially when it comes to online dating and dating advice for women, I have read numerous books including downloadable e-books on the subject of dating.

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If that is your thought process and you later inform your boyfriend of your decision, or you changing your mind, he may very well get upset.

There comes the drama that we have been trying so hard to avoid. As you can see, I personally do not recommend it but to each their own.

If you feel that you need elementary school of dating, go on Paige Parker’s website and download Dating Without Drama.

I am not sure what the website address is but I am confident that a simple search for “Dating Without Drama” will produce you thousands of results leading you to the download page.

One thing that I agree with Dating Without Drama is not making emotional decisions, or emotion-driven decisions. I agree, a woman’s first response to an event is emotional.