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Super-protonic conductors for solid acid fuel cells is also a field we are working on. Azad, “Visible light photocatalysis by in-situ growth of plasmonic Ag nanoparticles upon Ag Ta O3” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40 (2015) 3672-3678.

Materials are prepared by employing solid-state synthesis techniques that include high temperature ceramic, low-temperature chemical (e.g., precipitation, precursor, polymerization, and sol-gel) and wet-chemistry (e.g., co-precipitation) methods.

His publications include four books published by Edward Elgar Publishing Co. K., internationally refereed articles, chapters in books and numerous consultancy/project reports, technical reports, working papers and conference papers.1.

His published papers and books are widely cited in literature.

These materials are characterized by using various solid-state techniques such as powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), neutron powder diffraction (NPD), elemental analysis (EDAX and ICP), thermal analysis (TGA, DTA/DSC, dilatometry), and physical spectroscopy. Azad, Harald Schlegl, Byungjun Kim, Seung-Wook Baek, Keunsoo Kim, Hyunil Kang, Jung Hyun Kim, “Structural, thermal and electrical conductivity of Ln0.5Sr0.5Ti0.5Mn0.5O3-d (Ln: La, Nd and Sm) complex perovskites as anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell” Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 226 (2015) 154-163.