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White Americans are more likely to believe that the government is conspiring to tax the rich to support welfare queens and turn the country into a socialist utopia.

Define mandating

Quality Improvement: To be included in this category, health improvement activities must lead to measurable improvements in patient outcomes or patient safety, prevent hospital readmissions, promote wellness, or enhance health information technology in a way that improves quality, transparency, or outcomes.

Provider credentialing is also included as a health care improvement activity under the ACA.

The idea that such beliefs are held only by a bunch of nerdy white guys living in their parents' basements is a myth.

Surveys by Uscinski and Parent show that believers in conspiracies “cut across gender, age, race, income, political affiliation, educational level, and occupational status.” People on both the political left and right, for example, believe in conspiracies roughly equally, although each finds different cabals.

The MLR provision of the ACA applies to all types of licensed health insurers, including commercial health insurers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans and health maintenance organizations.