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,' ' Gabe the Cupid Dog' and other poorly titled ones.Then: Kicking off ' Charmed' season 3 was the introduction of Julian Mc Mahon's Cole Turner, a half-demon half-human "soldier of fortune" charged by "The Source" of all evil to destroy the Charmed Ones.

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Then: Kaley Cuoco was virtually unknown before (and during) her role as Billie, a young witch who befriended and apprenticed under the Charmed Ones, though eventually was tricked into attempting to destroy them.

Now: Of course, we all know Cuoco now as Penny, the lovable next-door neighbor and love interest to Leonard (Johnny Galecki), on CBS' hit show ' The Big Bang Theory.' She's since been known for being the new "Price Line Negotiator In Training," dating (and then very shortly after not dating) Superman himself, Henry Cavill, and contributing to the ' Big Bang''s 2013 Emmy nominations.

But ultimately, the show still lingers in the hearts and minds of its dedicated fans.

Let's take a look back at the cast and see where they are now.

Darryl ended up lasting until season 7, which was fortunate for Gregory, considering his previous gigs bounced from show to show (' Moesha,' '3rd Rock From the Sun,' ' Girlfriends,' ' Lois & Clarke: The New Adventures of Superman').