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Dohring dating

Lately, it was revealed that "Veronica Mars" actor Jason Dohring will be coming aboard next season sparking speculations about what the zombie comedy series could bring in the coming "i Zombie" Season 3 premiere.

Given that Vivian is related to Jason Dohring's Chase Graves, it is highly likely that Chase and Liv could be on opposite sides of the fence by the time "i Zombie" season 3 air date arrives.

You could buy chances and all the money went to support PATH, an organization that helps the homeless. Fast forward a couple of weeks to this past Sunday. ) we knew there was no way to line up adequate childcare on such short notice. But honestly, it was kind of hard to concentrate, since I had Kristen Bell beside me eating a pretzel, which she then offered to share with me.

This particular update was about a contest through Omaze, which puts together what they call celebrity “experiences.” (Regular readers of this blog will also understand why this caught my eye, as I am such a pop culture nerd.) Anyway, the upshot of the contest was that the winner got to be Kristen Bell’s date for the LA premiere. I will not reveal how many chances I bought, but it was, um, quite a few. My kid, who is used to us acting stupid for no apparent reason, asked if he’d get back to reading the book. As much as my husband wanted to come (who wouldn’t?

I called her, filled her in, and after screaming a bit, she said she was in. Wednesday morning, I got up at am, then left my house at 4 to go to the airport. At this point, we weren’t really sure exactly what the prize entailed. They had a photo booth set up at the front and Kristen Bell, bless her heart, took pictures for the entire THREE HOURS of the event, after doing a hour of red carpet stuff beforehand. Also at the afterparty, I got to tell Rob Thomas, who created the show and wrote and directed the movie, how much I loved it. We just kept looking at each other and saying, “Wait, that happened? But it DID happen, and I loved every second, and I cannot thank Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring and everyone at Omaze for giving us truly the experience of a lifetime. A for 24 hours is WILD) and have groceries to buy, chickens to feed, things to do.