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My younger daughter, 17-year old Masha who is a student of the Externative University for Humanities – for which Katia and Seryozha are paying for.Of course, I wouldn't be able to handle my granddaughter without Mashka because my elderly father is living with us and my husband needs attention too.

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Elena Gordeeva and I worked together at the TASS news agency for over 12 years.

Only a door separated my sport information section from her teletype office.

By the way, I have always thought that it is not necessary to become a pair in life if you are a pair at work. Katerina wanted to have an abortion because they didn't plan that pregnancy.

But a long time ago I noticed – probably because I have a daughter – that Seryozhka is a nice guy, although somewhat wild, and that Katia likes him not only as a partner, but as a boy. Of course, Seryoga wasn't attracted to her at all at first. We got married in 1969 after dating for five years. That was the time when they left amateur sport and were kind of stuck between two worlds – didn't know what was ahead of them but knew what was behind them.

The early partnership was a success — they earned the gold medal in the pairs category at the 1988 Calgary Games and won 24 of the 31 professional and senior level competitions they entered, finishing off the platform just once.