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Was it him repeatedly being used as a pawn by his family?Well the Lancel who comes back in season 5 is someone who has undergone a huge amount of trauma, and I think one of the parts of that was really being alone in the world in a lot of ways - he had a name that was supposed to instil fear in his enemies and he worked as hard as he could to try to have that energy shine through him, but unfortunately the Lannisters are a very cannibalistic family and he was victim to a lot of their machiavellian habits.

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I guess it is, I don’t feel much at the moment, or if anything just happy - I’ll always look back at it with fond memories, we’ve been amazed by how well the show’s done even though we do give it totally 100%, and I’ve had such good fortune to play a character I really, really enjoyed playing within a show that’s become something of a phenomenon.

I just feel humbled and eagerly ready to move on to the next piece of work. The reason I came back to London was to work with this little theatre company called the Oval House Theatre which Pierce Brosnan is helping to establish, and then in the mean time on top of that I’ve had, interestingly, a number of offers - it’s been coincidental, I think - on some rather psychologically impaired characters so I’m just trying to finalise those and see what we end up with.

He is an intense, rather aggressive character but it’s been great to play a transforming character.

“I am interested in complex characters who are difficult and have numerous sides.

It’s part of the job, really, and the way that I did lie was by indulging people’s ideas for what would happen and leading it that way.