Ghi barry and kris dating

The two television shows looked at whether something truly was going on in homes or businesses where haunted experiences were reported.

The hosts were plumbers by day and paranormal investigators by night.

I know the Ghost Hunters International crew have been saying all season that this was going to be an all new season that is nothing like what we’ve seen before I didn’t really think they would take it all this far.

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I really try to keep an open mind about things and sometimes stuff like this makes it really, really difficult to do so.

At the very least Kris needs to be apologizing to Susan, not to the viewers of the show. OK, so with all that said let’s get back to the investigation.

The $64,000 question however is ‘Would I recommend watching this episode?

’ The answer is ‘it depends.’ If you have impressionable children in your viewing audience, avoid this one like the plague.

So much so that I did a blistering paragraph on how “It feels wrong in here.” is not evidence!