Girls dating guys in wheelchairs

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I have been trained as an Architecture draftsmen, and I have planned several wheelchair friendly malls, and bed and breakfast's and other venues.

and the world is slowly changing, but the change has to happen enmass and it will happen, just so slow we cringe at the slowness those of us working for the changes.

And also you say these women told you they just want to be friends with you. There is no way I could just come out and ask you those types of questions. My advice to you is to go ahead and develop friendships with women, until those concerns come up in time, and maybe it will evolve from there. I don't think he see's himself as a victim of a wheel chair at all.

Well maybe they just want to start off as friends and not dive right into a relationship Don't bite my head off, you asked for honesty. If you read his profile he is trying out for the Canadian paralympic team and stated in his profile that he is in a wheelchair but that doesn't stop him from getting out and enjoying himself.

Sounds weird to say that, like I'm suggesting you should have some kind of special-needs area, and I don't mean it in a derogatory way at all. I have dated other's in wheel chairs I make a point of looking chair bound folks in the eyes and asking them things only I could know if I have had to deal with them with before. Like my 20 inch ponytail, finally my parents said, it's still charles and we love him, we aren't going to kick him out just because of the pony tail.