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You can imagine a molecule having different spokes to it, that each bind to different receptors.

Here’s a graphical representation of this, made famous by Steven Stahl, MD, at the University of California, and formerly with Styx: The other way this is often represented is with a pie chart: A typical understanding of this pie chart is that the various sizes represent “amounts” of blockade.

One molecule gets you H1, a1, 5HT2a, D2 Two molecules gets you twice as much H1, a1, 5HT2a, D2 So this is so easy to visualize that anyone can understand it. Let’s say you are a gentleman, and as such prefer blondes by virtue of their fair hair, lithe contouring, and receptiveness to new ideas. Rum fills the top level, overflows into the second level, then that overflows into the third, etc.

But unfortunately this representation is misleading, it leads you to think something that is not completely accurate, in the same way that looking at Nancy Pelosi makes you think of that guy in : BUT HOW CAN COLOR PICTURES BE WRONG? The mistake is that those pie chart sections aren’t amounts, they are affinities. If you’re in a room with 10 brunettes and two blondes, do you go to everyone, equally? Sadly, since not every blonde will support your ideas for a ménage, you’ll have to settle for the brunettes. You can't get anything into level 3 until you fill levels 1 and 2.

How much Seroquel, Risperdal, or Geodon does it take to block the same number?