Jewish interatial dating

A couple considering marriage needs to weigh many factors.

While a difference in skin color should not be ignored, it absolutely should not be the determining factor in whether a couple should marry.

It wasn't until after college, many non-observant Jewish boyfriends later, that I rediscovered Judaism. My Muslim African-American student, Reggie, breakdanced with rabbis at my wedding and discusses Talmud with my husband, a rabbinical student.

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In fact, the biblical perspective is that there is only one “race”—the human race, with everyone having descended from Adam and Eve.

When selecting a mate, a Christian should first find out if the potential spouse is born again by faith in Jesus Christ (John 3:3–5).

A colorblind church and/or a Christian interracial marriage can be a powerful illustration of our equality in Christ.

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For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? The Bible never says that interracial marriage is wrong.

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