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(Although Raphael's mission included two tasks, they were considered a single mission since they were both acts that saved people).

(Talmud - Bava Metzia 86b, Rashi - Genesis 18:2 and ) This now helps us understand your question: Why did three angels come to Abraham, but only two go to Lot?

A woman is at home when she hears someone knocking at her door. The next morning she hears a knock at the door, its the same man and he asks the same question to the woman, "Do you have a Vagina? Later that night when her husband gets home she tell him what has happened for the last two days.

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I want the condoms because I think tonight's "the" night.

We're having dinner with her parents, and then we're going out.

The girl leans over to him and says, "You never told me that you were such a religious person." The boy leans over to her and whispers, "You never told me that your father is a pharmacist." One night a man walks into a bar looking sad. " And the man replied, "Ya, I guess so." Then the wife asked, "Would you let her use my golf clubs?

" And the husband replied, "No, she's left handed."As a couple gets into bed, the husband starts to rub and kiss his wife. I've got a gynecologist appointment tomorrow, and I want to stay fresh." The husband sadly turns over.

He asks if he might give the blessing and they agree. A husband and wife were golfing when suddenly the wife asked, "Honey, if I died would you get married again?