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This legend is not unique to Japan; it reoccurs in kbvr corvallis parts of Asia; but it is often told in Japan" and was made into a film in Japan in 1954 and again in 1983. Dating game in this small universe is the great leveller - sex and money.

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In January 1967, KBVR television began broadcasting for several hours one or two evenings per week, on the closed circuit television system used during the day for classroom television.

Both the radio and television stations were originally located in Shepard Hall, but moved to the Memorial Union East when that facility was completed in 1977.

Other materials pertaining to KBVR are available in the Memorabilia Collection and the Memorial Union and Student Activities Records (RG 99).

Individual players and coaches: Aki Hill (head coach); Ross Cook (assistant coach); Chris Acarregui; Margy Becker; Donna Brigham; Amy Bullard; Cheryl Cady; Robyn Clark; Betty Collings; Cheri Hoppes; Belinda Lopez; Jan Martin; Carol Menken; Pam Mollett; Kathy Riel; Cheryl Sturzenegger.

This one- woman show is run by the amazing Anna Marie Cooper, who has been selling her products for ten years.