Larger frriends dating

Sometimes you feel like you'd be better off single when your girlfriend would rather hang out with her friends than with you.The first step to solving this problem is to take a chill pill and try to look at the situation from an outside point of view.

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They hog your girlfriend's attention, they're mean to you, they constantly try to break you guys up and start drama, or maybe you don't even know why you hate them; you just do.

Hating your girlfriend's friends can be a tricky situation, and the solution is not always clear-cut.

Regardless of what situation has caused you to have harsh feelings towards your girlfriend's friends, the best thing to do is to talk things out.

Have a chat with your girl and let her know what it is about her friends that upsets you to see if she can clear things up, or meet up with her friends and talk it out with them.

If hanging with her and her buddies still isn't enough for you, try talking to her about it and requesting more alone time. Brooke Geraci, a freshman at the University of Central Florida, says she’s frustrated with her girlfriend's friends.