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Свежесть и маразм — таковы главные характеристики шутов Мэтта Лукаса и Дэвида Уильямса, делающих из собственных сограждан бескомпромиссное посмешище.

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Mann: Paintings Shop Pat & Don: King Prawn Vindaloo --- Maggie & Judy: Hospital Sebastian & Prime Minister: Confidence --- Lou & Andy: Thames Cruise SKETCHES: Vicky Pollard: PR Agent's Office --- Lou & Andy: Breast Enlargement Anne: Pianist --- Carol Beer: Golden Wedding Anniversary Cruise Dudley & Ting Tong: Trivial Pursuit -- Sir Norman Fry: Toilet Fat Fighters: Charlie Slater --- Letty Bell: Birthday Bubbles & Desiree: Massage --- Orville: Supermarket Pat & Don: Chicken Jalfrezi Sebastian & Prime Minister: Affair Scandal Alan: Old Couple --- Maggie & Judy: Parish Newsletter Lou & Andy: Motorcycle SKETCHES: Mrs.

Emery: Library --- Emily & Florence: Stag Party Dudley & Ting Tong: Mother --- Bubbles & Desiree: Sauna Warren: Hospital --- Carol Beer: Film Island --- Fat Fighters: Baby Sid Pegg: Gypsies --- Daffyd Thomas: Election --- Linda: "Ali Bongo" Mr.

Little Britain is a BBC radio and television sketch show written by and starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

The show features parodies and exaggerated stereotypes to comedic effect, with repeated catch-phrases. [picks up chocolate cake to his ear] Chocolate cake, chocolate cake, have ye any nuts?

T: Gym Emily & Florence: Football --- Fat Fighters: Meera's Lottery Win Sebastian & Prime Minister: Old friends --- Kenny Craig: Mother Anne: Feeding The Ducks --- Mr.