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When reached by for comment on whether the USGA was going to reevaluate its business relationships with the Republican presidential nominee, the USGA said they did not have any further comment to add to statements they had already made on the matter.

-- LPGA commissioner Carolyn Bivens reportedly is agreeable to a buyout of the final two years of her contract amid calls for her resignation by key tour players, according to an online report Thursday.

Details of the dispute were never released by either side, despite frequent references to the dispute by the press.

A year later, the LPGA made its media rights credential available to the public at LPGAMedia

In the letter it was stated that "the majority" of LPGA agreed with this view.

The letter came after the announcement that several long-time tournaments would not be returning in 2010 and amidst complaints from tournament directors that Bivens's management style and approach was counterproductive.

At the time of her hire, the LPGA was experiencing an unprecedented influx of new potential superstars, many of whom fell into demographics new to the traditional LPGA audience.