Mcafee 8 5i 100 cpu when updating

My Dell Inspiron laptop came with Windows 7 installed in 2011.

I had Windows 10 installed via download in August 2015. Now my laptop is so slow that it has become almost unusable. However, yesterday while I was listening to music on Spotify for a few hours my laptop crashed, for the first time ever. Then my laptop restarted and downloaded/installed some fixes from Microsoft.

After upgrading to Windows 10, it's just been problem after problem...

Everything on my computer is running incredibly slow.

So of course Windows 10 is shuffling a lot of data back and forth to the disk, slowing everything down. I'm inserting a screen shot of my task manager, at least the top part of the list of what's running. post a screen shot (picture) of your task manager full screen height - click on the 'Memory' tab to organise by highest at top Have a look at any programs you recognise that are taking up a lot of RAM. Thanks Did you upgrade with Mc Afee still installed?

I eliminated every app from opening on Startup that I don't need, although of course I don't know what many of the apps listed in the Startup menu do so I leave them alone. Hi, certainly you're quite right that if your PC thinks it's starved of memory it will be very busy swapping disk to RAM & v. I don't know what a lot of these processes are, much less if I need them running. If so, I'd uninstall it and do an in-place upgrade to repair the install (might be a good idea even if Mc Afee wasn't installed). But then the System file gradually began to consume more and more memory until again I was at 92% memory and everything was running super slow.

Can anyone give a reasonable theory as to what the problem is?