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A 2011 report by Flurry, a mobile app analytics firm, found that the number of dating app users grew 150 percent between 20—including mobile add-ons to established online dating sites such as and OKCupid.In fact, 2011 was the first year that people spent more time on dating apps than on dating websites.

With little to go on except appearance and location, mobile dating may be changing what people are looking for—a perfect 10 and nothing less—as well as what they're missing.

"You get into this mode of screening that sculpts a kind of superficiality and coldness," says Ken Page, a New York-based therapist and author of the forthcoming "It's the opposite of giving somebody a chance.

Get on the fun side of mobile dating with an integrated Tinder-like feature – Ska Date Speed Match.

Receive random photos of singles in your proximity, and if the other party is interested, strike an instant connection – chat online and perhaps get a date in real life too.

When you swipe really quickly—no, no, no—you're going to screen out most of the people in the midlevel of your attraction spectrum, which is a very fruitful place to look." Even when people do agree to link up in person, the casual medium of the mobile app often becomes the message.