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On September 20, 1942, Germans killed 420 Mountain Jews near the village of Bogdanovka.

Some 1000-1500 Mountain Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

Many Mountain Jews survived, however, because German troops did not reach their areas; in addition, German authorities considered this group to be "religious" but not "racial" Jews.

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In the Second World War, some Mountain Jews settlements in Crimea and parts of their area in Kabardino-Balkaria were occupied by the German Wehrmacht at the end of 1942.

During this period, they killed several hundreds of Mountain Jews until the Germans retreated early 1943.

In the villages (aouls), the Mountain Jews had settled in separate sections.

In the lowland towns they also lived in concentrated neighborhoods, but their dwellings did not differ from those of their neighbors.

Their Muslim neighbors called this area "Jewish Valley." The Jewish Valley grew to be a semi-independent Jewish state, with its spiritual and political center located in its largest settlement of Aba-Sava (1630-1800).