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You know that parent who is late picking their child up from daycare? Not all pet groomers are brick and mortar stationary businesses: Mobile pet grooming can be a viable option for some folks.

Working with a positive reinforcement based animal behaviorist is much more favorable in addressing your dog’s issues versus medicating them for a grooming session.

If a sedative is absolutely needed, discuss this with your veterinarian in terms of safety, dosage, and individual dog requirements.

We know that certain ingredients can cause our canine family members to get sick or worse. Ask your groomer what shampoo is being used on your dog.

Get the inside scoop and tips in my feature article for Dogster magazine: Dog Shampoo Can Be More Hazardous Than You Think Not all groomers are created equally: Do a background check before you drop your dog off and leave the premises.

If you have a puppy, start touching his or her feet and brushing them from an early age.