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Everyone deserves the chance to see themselves represented on television — but, I implore you, don’t let this be the forum. Rather than reform the series from within, it would better for us to burn it to the ground and dance, belly fat jiggling freely in the wind, on its still-smoldering ashes.

She included that she was a large woman (size 20) in her profile and posted photos, but typically when she reminded matches about her size, they'd say, "'Oh. That changes things.'" Cheryl Sellick, 54, of Cherryville, N.

C., who has been on and, doesn't say she is a BBW (big beautiful woman), size 26, in her profile, but does post photos.

No wonder some women lie on their profiles, choosing a "few extra pounds" instead of "heavyset" or posting photos from younger, thinner years.

Laura Triplett, an assistant professor of communications at California State University, Fullerton, who studies fat discrimination, said many larger-sized women are rejected once they meet a potential mate in person, even if they are upfront about size in profiles and photos.

Each day, sends Christie Hyde five potential mates based on preferences in her profile — age, height, education, religion, smoking.