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I think when two people are single and are seen together, it's immediately like a crazy feeding frenzy.” Though nothing seemed to come of their alleged fling—with Timberlake soon meeting Jessica Biel and Johansson soon meeting Reynolds—rumors flared up again this past September when both were single. I’m very lucky and I’m very happy.” This Hollywood romance only lasted about a year though, with the two celebs’ schedules reportedly getting in the way of their relationship.

When questioned about the alleged tryst by , the actor said, “Did I ever have sex in an elevator with Scarlett Johansson after an awards show? Either way, she clearly made an impression on the budding musician.

Sean Penn is reportedly dating Minka Kelly, but he only moved on from former fiancee Charlize Theron after experiencing a spooky-sounding dating phenomenon that has been dubbed “ghosting.” And no, Sean Penn isn’t being haunted by the ghosts of girlfriends past while he’s trying to woo Minka Kelly.

It’s one of the only breakup methods that’s actually worse than breakup by text.

It might be hard for you to feel sorry for Sean Penn, a guy whose lengthy list of lovely exes also includes Scarlett Johansson and Robin Wright, but maybe now you’ll be a little more understanding about why he tried to move on from Charlize Theron so soon after their silent split — spending time with a lovely lady like Minka Kelly is the perfect way to get revenge on a rude ghoster.

Though Reynolds and Johansson remained a very private couple, just over two years into their marriage they announced they were getting a divorce “after long and careful consideration on both our parts,” they said in a statement.